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Esso fuel has been on sale at Five Mile Garage since 1951. In our forecourt shop you will find a large selection of car care products, sweets, fresh bakery products, sandwiches, hot food and drinks. Lotto tickets can also be purchased.

Opening hours are:

Monday - Friday 06.30 - 21.00

Saturday - 06.30 - 20.00

Sunday - 07.00 - 19.00

Calor Gas

We carry a large stock of all Calor Gas cylinders as well as regulators and gas pipe to suit.

Local delivery can be arranged.

  • Forecourt

Whether you are a new customer browsing for a gas bottle or an existing customer looking to make an exchange, Calor offers a full range of LPG gas bottles to suit your needs.

Around 160,000 UK motorists are already enjoying the environmental benefits and cost savings associated with running a vehicle on Autogas (automotive LPG). Nearly all road vehicles can easily convert to LPG.

Under-inflated tyres can increase the amount of fuel you use by up to 4%. Our station has a tyre inflator. Removing 100 lbs of that random stuff in your boot could increase your fuel efficiency by 2%. If driving at 60 miles per hour or more, keep the windows up. Open windows create a lot of aerodynamic drag, which can add to your fuel usage when driving at high speeds. Also, remove the roof rack if you’re not using it, for up to 10% savings on fuel.